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'no input' (2023)


improvisations with no input mixer and effects


'widerhör' (2023)


lofi sketches

'4444' (2023)


a longform improvisation with various instruments


'hohloh' (2023)


an aural journey to the hohloh mountain


'tliltocatl albopilosus' (2023)


an improvisation with (bowed) mbira and effects

'deyak ilpa' (2023)



sketches with synthesizers, cello, voice and field recordings

'live in augsburg' (2022)


recorded on the 26th of november 2022 at the villa, augsburg, germany


'saz' (2022)


improvisations with saz

'hypnagogia' (2022)


11 sound studies about the the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep

'ruinenlust' (2022)


improvisations with kalimba, looper and effects


'katzenblei' (2022)


improvisations with [d]ronin, a music box and effects

'live at p8' (2022)


recorded on the 25th of May 2022 at the P8, Karlsruhe, Germany

'zwischenraum' (2022)


the 2nd chapter of the raum-trilogy with

an moku


'subkreskaĵaro' (2022)


improvisations with 6 string fretless bass


'waldeneck' (2022)


improvisations with synthesizers

'lost and found' (2022)


rediscovered tracks 2009-2016


'magnetberg' (2022)


improvisations with electric guitar

'svëbal' (2021)


improvisations with synthesizers


'weltwund' (2021)


a drone meditation


'epikedeia' (2021)


improvisations with the soma lyra 8

'rabensender' (2021)


improvisations with synthesizers and noise boxes


'sonder' (2021)


improvisations with kalimba


'raum' (2021)


the 1st chapter of the raum-trilogy with

an moku


'kaltenbronn' (2021)


alto recorder and laptop


'3333' (2021)


an improvisation with soundtable and other instruments

'de profundis' (2021)


 a drone meditation

'rhescem' (2020)


improvisations with noiseboxes and laptop

'penumbra' (2020)


drones with processed blues harp sounds


'můra' (2020)


cello and effects

'rodenkopf' (2020)


drones, soundscapes and noises

'noisebox' (2020)


improvisations with ronin, stringed psalter, music box, synths and laptop


'arc/hive b [classical guitar] (2020)


a compilation of improvisations with

classical guitar (and laptop)

'pestilentia magna' (2020)


for cello and laptop

'saving waves from drowning' (2019)


abstract soundscapes and noises

released on attention circuit


'arc/hive a [piano]' (2019)


a compilation of piano sketches

'lärmschatten' (2019)


drones and harsh noises

'sketchbook' (2018)


improvisations with laptop


'fiebertraum' (2018)


improvisations with ronin, psalter and laptop

'glictar' (2018)


improvisations with electric guitar and laptop


'237 days without sleep' (2017)


for electric guitar and laptop


'live at spitalkirche' (2017)


a concert recording with ronin, psaltery and laptop


'endzeitlupe' (2017)


improvisations with ronin, [d]ronin & laptop


'aufbruch ins ödland' (2016)


sketches for ronin & laptop


'ülykh tror' (2016)


digital sketches


'live at palazzo viceregio' (2016)


concert recording with silvia corda and adriano orrù


'früher vogel höhlt den stein' (2015)


electroacoustic studies


'maqtred' (2015)


with wilhelm matthies

free improvisations for classical guitar, mosesa and other instruments

'bureau des objets trouves' (2015)


free improvisations for classical guitar and objects

'dff_0629/_0630/_0627' (2015)


with ruediger blank

free improvisations for classical guitar and laptop

'chaldragh' (2015)

sketches and improvisations for fretless bass ukulele

'ebruar' (2015)

digital sketches and improvisations

'vagatio mentis circa illicita' (2015)


digitally processed improvisations on a grand piano


'dämmerstücke' (2014)

improvisations for electric/midi guitar and laptop

'uvuch lirdhira' (2014)

drones and soundscapes

 'live at cinema quadrat' (2014)


improvisations for electric/midi guitar and laptop (concert recording)


'apehleg' (2014)

improvisations for tenor ukulele

'klammer fall' (2014)

digitally processed glasses and gongs

'äther' (2014)

improvisations for digitally processed electric guitars

'ghost story' (2013)

the soundtrack for a nonexistent movie

'slow motion improvisations' (2013)

a collection of improvisations for
electric guitar/midi guitar and laptop

'maranasati' (2013)

meditative drones

'paisaje lejano' (2013)

minimalism & drones

'kuroi mori' (2013)

processed field recordings from the black forest

'they left' (2013)

a sleeping aid made of processed classical guitar sounds

'kerben' (2013)

a collection of scattered tracks from 2011 and 2012, re-edited and remastered

'iscemi a' (2013)

'orchestral' studies

'fehlhalde' (2013)

sketches for processed piano sounds and industrial noises

'ashqem' (2012)

sketches for processed classical guitar (also available as factory made cd)

'3(2xS)=i(nsanity)' (2010)

soundtrack for the the video project '3(2xS)=i(nsanity)' by volker hartmann-langenfelder

'blutbrücke' (2009)

dark ambient and industrial noises

'sehnennaht' (2009)

industrial beats and dark ambient sounds (also available as a factory made cd)

'akträume' (2009)

music for the photo exhibition 'akträume' by markus reck (also available as a factory made cd)

'meditations on torture' (2008)

harsh noises and drones

'look back in anger' (2004)


commissioned music for the play 'look back in anger' (unavailable)


'instant water' (2004)


the first steps with electronic music



'balcarce' (2001)

early drones