stefan schmidt - born 1974 in baden-baden/germany - is a guitarist, composer, improviser and teacher.

he gathered his first musical experiences as a member of various punk bands and then studied classical guitar at the hochschule für musik trossingen with professor andreas higi and the conservatorio juan josé castro in buenos aires with victor villadangos.



since 2000 stefan schmidt has released more than 40 albums (from 2001 till 2014 using the moniker 'farang') and created music for films, plays, exhibitions and dance performances. he worked and performed with piotr tomczyk (dance), rüdiger blank (laptop, harmonium), adriano orrù (double bass), silvia corda (piano, toy piano),  giacomo salis (percussion), mauro medda (trumpet), raffaele pilia (guitar), valter mascia (sax), massimo zanasi (trombone), matteo muntoni (bass) and marco caredda (vibraphone), emilio gordoa (vibraphone), jan-filip tupa (cello), ulrike lentz (flutes), dirk marwedel (saxophon), ulrich philipp (double bass), felicity provan (cornett, voice), wolfgang schliemann (percussion), paul g.smyth (piano), michael thike (clarinet), markus reck (photography), the fashion label 'garland coo', wilhelm matthies (mosesa, kokeka), gonzalo gerfloy (sculptures) and christian vasseur (guitar).



while early projects put focus on distorted sounds and rhythms, recent works center about slowly evolving structures, sounddesign and free improvisation giving more emphasis on his main instrument, the classical guitar and the exploration of other stringed instruments (tenor ukulele, fretless bass ukulele, fretless classical guitar, electric guitar, [d]ronin & ronin, stringed psalter, cello and baroque lute) .




 'sul ponticello'

 'prepared guitar'


music for garland coo's installation 'essence' (2013):





composed for garland coo's installation during the exhibition 'outer dark: continuing after fashion'
(13 june - 15 september 2013 / museum für angewandte kunst frankfurt).


the basic raw material (stones, earth, water, wood and other sound sources from the black forest) was created by jasmin isabel eckerle, marcel singer, joschi mitzu, marco kögel & stefan schmidt.
recorded on the 27th of may 2013 at the petersee baden-baden.





music for the video project '3 studies on 3(2xS)=i(nsanity) by volker hartmann-langenfelder (2009):



music for the photo exhibition 'akträume' by markus reck (2009):

'for the akträume project, stefan follows the idea of markus reck’s photographs and interprets it in a variety of different ways musically: for his so-called ‘body percussions’, which form the rhythmical and tonal basis of stefan’s compositions, he has recorded and digitally processed the sound of hands slapping human bodies. by use of formal elements such as repetition and variation of a musical theme as well as harmonic and rhythmical symmetry, a further connection to the photographs shown in this exhibition is established.'
(quoted from




music for the dance performance 'unrestricted explotation' (2009)


music for documentaries:


- rauchzeichen über dem douro (swr/2007)

- verraten und gekauft (swr/2007)

- menschen und straßen - twerskaja (swr/2003)