stefan schmidt is an electronic musician and classical guitarist from




since 2000 he has released more than 70 albums (from 2001 till 2014 using the moniker 'farang') and created music for films, plays, exhibitions and dance performances.



he gathered his first musical experiences as a member of various punk bands and then studied classical guitar at the hochschule für musik trossingen with professor andreas higi and the conservatorio juan josé castro in buenos aires with victor villadangos.



while early projects put focus on distorted rhythms, recent works center about slowly evolving structures, sounddesign and free improvisation giving more emphasis on the exploration of the sonic possibilities of diverse instruments like guitars in all varieties, [d]ronin & ronin, stringed psalter, cello, piano, alto recorder, noise boxes, saz, fretless bass, kalimba and synthesizers.



his list of collaborations include inter alia piotr tomczyk (dance), rüdiger blank (laptop, harmonium), adriano orrù (double bass), silvia corda (piano, toy piano), markus reck (photography), the fashion label 'garland coo', wilhelm matthies (mosesa, kokeka), dominik grenzler aka an moku (bass, electronics) and sascha stadlmeier aka emerge (electronics).


while most of his albums are released on his own bandcamp page some works are published on labels as karlrecords, endtitles, attenuation circuit, minimal resource manipulation and plus timbre.




 'sul ponticello'

 'prepared guitar'