june 8th 2023

'10 jahre angewandte elektronik'

past events:

november 26th 2022

villa augsburg

with bug and dorothee schabert

may 25th 2022

p8 karlsruhe

with code/neda and petrolio

july 3rd 2021

re:flexions sound-art festival

abraxas augsburg

september 14th 2019

live at die ganze bäckerei augsburg

june 22nd 2019

elektrosmog 4/19

zeitraumexit mannheim


improvisation for electric guitar and laptop

november 23rd 2018

performance with processed field recordings from the black forest

at the opening of the exhibition 'forest. enter. exit.'

mewo kunsthalle memmingen

november 17th/18th 2018

humanoise congress #30




april 8th 2018

7.karlsruher festival für improvisierte musik

orgelfabrik durlach


with rüdiger blank (harmonium)

december 9th 2017

GEDOK karlsruhe


butoh performance 'ich weiß' with piotr tomczyk


june 27th 2017

elektrosmog 6/17


an improvisation with [d]ronin, ronin and laptop

october 16th 2016

with klank and anil eraslan

contemp micro festival

spitalkirche baden-baden


improvisation with ronin, psaltery and laptop

october 7th 2016

'on guitar fridays'

in situ art society, kreuzung an st.helena, bonn


improvisations with classical guitar and laptop

october 6th 2016

'on guitar thursdays'

alte feuerwache köln


improvisations with classical guitar

august 26th/27th 2016

contemporary -festival di musica e arte d'avanguardia

IV edizione (donorì, sardinia)

with silvia corda, adriano orrù, mauro medda and giacomo salis

april 26th 2016

elektrosmog 04.16

zeitraumexit mannheim





april 3rd 2016

6.karlsruher festival für improvisierte musik

orgelfabrik  durlach

with ruediger blank (laptop)

november 7th 2015

freie improvisationen für gitarren, bassukulele und

elektronik (spitalkirche baden-baden)

special guest: ruediger blank

april 8th 2015 

'music dance lab' (fleischmarkthalle karlsruhe)

with piotr tomczyk, renate schweizer, rüdiger blank i.a.


april 4th 2015

duo 'beyond the call' with adriano orrù (double bass)

at arco studio cagliari/sardinia

april 3rd 2015

improring @ spazio arka, assemini/sardinia

with raffaele pilia (guitar), silvia corda (toy piano), valter mascia (sax), massimo zanasi (trombone), mauro medda (trumpet),

adriano orrù (bass), matteo muntoni (bass) and marco caredda (vibraphon)

april 2nd 2015

trio 'overexposed' with silvia corda (toy piano, toy glockenspiel, psalter & objects) and adriano orrù (double bass)

at nuovo panificio, cagliari/sardinia


april 1st 2015

trio 'overexposed' with silvia corda (toy piano, toy glockenspiel, psalter & objects) and adriano orrù (double bass)

at the palazzo viceregio, cagliari/sardinia

october 18th 2014

free improvisations for classical guitar, electric guitar and laptop

with piotr tomczyk, bik performance


december 14th 2013

'sounds go cinema' at cinema quadrat mannheim

together with trottoir and nadja

october 20th 2013

'lateinamerikanische musik, eigenkompositionen und improvisationen' (spitalkirche baden-baden)

september 28th 2013

'elektronische konferenz' mit flo.huth und b°tong (kulturbrücken e.v. jungbusch mannheim)